The Final Trade In

The Final Trade In

I know a lot of people were questioning my friend that day when he posted those pictures on Reddit. At first I had no idea any of my pictures would have ended up online. I was never looking for that kind of attention. I was simply doing something that I felt needed to be done.

A lot of people were asking all sorts of questions as to why I did this. I’ll try my best to answer a few questions.

Why does one person need all these games?

Answer: I look forward to a lot of weekly game releases. Most of the games were duplicates anyway because every system had its own copy. Yes, I’ll agree that it’s an expensive hobby for some, but its what I enjoy! It’s how I kick back and relax at night with friends. Everyone in life needs an outlet and that’s mine!

Um… 14 Xbox360 Consoles! WTF is wrong with this guy?

Answer: For years now I try my best to have a monthly game night with my friends. As people get older real life gets in the way and there’s always less time for the things you love. So I make it my business to gather everyone up once a month and geek out on a Saturday night. Nothing beats an all night LAN party!

This guys an idiot, he must have gotten $14 bucks for all that stuff!

Answer: Unfortunately, that’s not the case. While numbers are not important, I will say I got more then enough to buy all my next-gen consoles without sticking my hand in pocket. I made sure to wait for GameStops trade in bonus so I had an increase in profit. Trust me that helped me out significantly! My grand total in store credit was $3,997.78

Do you regret your trade in?

Answer: Nope not one bit… I had many reasons as to why I got rid of all my stuff pertaining to Microsoft. It certainly was not for the attention. I had no idea those pictures were even posted until later that day. It was the simple fact that Microsoft has lost their focus. There inability to give gamers what they really deserve and that’s a gaming console not a next-gen media center with Kinect as the focal point. Not to mention the absurd bells and whistles that were potentially coming to Xbox One. Rumors are rumors and there is always some sort of truth behind them.

Leading up to my final decision…

Sonys press conference was held in NYC on February 20, 2013. Besides them not showing the console that day everything they discussed looked promising. I knew Microsoft had to come out swinging at that point. I’m sure most of you remember the rumors that were circulating on the internet at that time…

  • DRM Policies / Used Games
  • Media Center
  • Mandatory Kinect
  • Kinect will always be on
  • Internet is Required (24 hour checks)

Lets fast forward to May 20, 2013 when Microsoft had their press conference. I was hesitant, yet excited to see what Microsoft had to offer for the next-gen console. My first initial impression was jaw dropping. I couldn’t believe all the rumors were actually true. I was extremely disappointed and speechless for the first time in my life.

On June 11-13, 2013 E3 was taking place at the Los Angeles Convention Center in L.A. I said to myself Microsoft has got to pull their act together, it’s now or never. Microsoft went on stage first and I wasn’t impressed. I was rather annoyed because I knew their focus was not geared towards gamers anymore. Later that day Sony came on and tore the roof off the place. I was actually blown away, especially after Jack Tretton the former President and CEO of Sony came on stage and destroyed Microsoft. At that point I had lost all hope.

On June 15, 2013 I decided to pack up all my Xbox games and consoles and trade them in. I kept a few things for myself, but I got rid of 90% of what I had. The only bold statement I made was walking into GameStop with all of those bins. People asking me the most ridiculous questions. I’ve been a dedicated customer for over 10 years now. Every game I purchased I’ve always bought Season Passes, DLC and random games on the Xbox Live Store. In my eyes it’s hard to accept the direction they are going in with the Xbox One. The console was made for everyone who walked into a living room, NOT gamers. I can’t help but feel betrayed at this point in time. After watching what went down at their press conference and then E3 I was done. I’m justified in my own right and I’m glad I did what I did.

I’m well aware that the internet has a voice and that voice finally got Microsoft’s attention after E3’s uproar. It took some time before Microsoft got their priorities in order. In my opinion I hold Don Mattrick partially responsible for what happened to the Xbox One. Especially after his comment during E3. Mattrick wasn’t a good fit for Microsoft and soon after his departure, Phil Spencer took over as head of Microsoft’s Xbox division. Since then Phil Spencer has been doing a remarkable job putting the pieces back together. Things are still not where they need to be, but that will obviously take time. Regardless, the damage is done and I still can’t help but feel betrayed. Not to mention the lack of trust I have now a days. Personally, I hate everything about Xbox One and I’ll explain why below…

  • The name is HORRIBLE
  • UI is atrocious
  • Installation times are absurd
  • No Backwards Compatibility
  • Cannot swap Internal Storage
  • Overall Design
  • Another Power Brick
  • Lacks in Power
  • Kinect is worthless

I know people asked a lot of questions and I hope this clears a few things up. Thank you for taking the time to read this article, I appreciate it. Until next time… Well let’s hope their isn’t a next time!

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